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Fight, Flight, Or Freeze?

Michelle Poe
For , listen to Ian Brennan on This Life Podcast For many years it was believed that defending oneself or running away were the only possible responses to a dangerous situation.  The fight or flight theory suggests that, when threatened by a harmful opponent, a person will make a split second decision between fighting (if

Kitty Bruce On This Life Podcast

Daughter of legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, Kitty Bruce on her relationship with her father and the recent reissue of his autobiography "How To Talk Dirty And Influence People." Kitty then ves into The Lenny Bruce Foundation’s efforts in the field of Recovery.

Debra Tate On This Life Podcast!

Victim’s Advocate Debra Tate, sister to the late Sharon Tate, s her journey working with the Criminal Justice System and describes living in the shadow of one of the most notorious crimes in history. MUSIC “She Was” Artist: Fabrizio And The Fever This episode of This Life with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest is sponsored

Q&A: I’m sober now but how do I learn to forgive myself?

Q: My children have had to witness my roller coaster ride with alcohol for 20 years. I’m sober now but how do I learn to forgive myself? Guilt has always been my trigger. Read Dr. Drew’s response on SoberRecovery.com! SoberRecovery.com’s Ask Dr. Drew series will be running for five consecutive weeks. All questions have been submitted

Heather McDonald On This Life Podcast!

Comedian and host of the “Juicy Scoop” podcast, Heather McDonald brings her dynamic family story to This Life. Heather McDonald not only known as actress and stand-up comic, but is also a successful, Podcast One producer and host of “Juicy Scoop.” Here on THIS LIFE #37 episode, Heather McDonald comes to life and discusses her experience with her

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