#135: Dr. Andrew Hill

Chris Laxamana
Neuroscience expert Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about brain health and how different actions will impact the development of the brain. They also discuss minimal cognitive impairment and how that term relates to some of the recent Donald Sterling controversy. As the show wraps up, they take listener phone calls on brain health.

#134: Dr. Bruce Heischober

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Drew is joined by fellow Carolla Digital family member Dr. Bruce Heischober for a podcast about medicine and Adam Carolla. Later the pair take listener phone calls on a variety of subjects including high potency marijuana use and the ease of contracting salmonella.

#131: Mark Groubert

Chris Laxamana
Author Mark Groubert joins Dr. Drew to talk about his bo Rehab Nation as well as a general conversation on the history of alcohol and addiction. Drew and Mark examine the evolution of addiction and how the culture of recovery has evolved over the years and the subset of celebrity recovery centers that have sprung up. They also take listener phone calls on addiction and recovery.

#130: Dr. Wendy O’Connor

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Wendy O'Connor joins Dr. Drew today to talk about her work with attachment therapy and the trends she has started to see emerging in both kids and parents today. She and Drew examine how things have shifted since smartphones and tablets have come to prominence and they try to figure out if our reliance on technology represents a fundamental change in our ability to attach to one another.

#129: Dr. Kerry Ressler

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Kerry Ressler from Emory University joins Dr. Drew to talk about his research on human fear. Later Drew takes listener phone calls on Adderall usage by an addict, ways to cope with severe social anxiety, and what a mother can do about her teenage daughter cutting herself.

#127: Bert Kreischer

Chris Laxamana
Comedian Bert Kreischer joins Dr. Drew this week to talk about his new bo, his TV show 'Trip Flip' on Travel Channel. and his anxiety over flying. They also discuss Bert's legendary trip to Russia in college and they take listener phone calls from someone trying to save their marriage and someone loing for advice on how to date within the AA program.

Nerdist Podcast: Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of Love and Dr. Drew On Call on HLN, sits down with Chris to discuss the different types of rehab for addicts, Chris’s process to get sober, the influence media has had on society, and his own battle with cancer! Watch the podcast here: http://www.nerdist.com/pepisode/nerdist-podcast-dr-drew/

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