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Celebrity-BioHacker Gary Brecka On Dose Of Drew


Gary Brecka is the CEO of Streamline Medical Group, specializing in Human Biology and the course of blood and genetic biomarkers. Gary Sits on the Board of NFL Alumni Association as a Health Services Director and is an authority Speaker on Human Optimization. Nicknamed the “Celebrity Bio-Hacker”, he is also a Certified Expert in “Mortality” which is the study of human death. Links to the tests available via @GaryBrecka on Instagram.

Gary Brecka Biography

As a Human Biologist and CEO of Streamline Medical Group, Gary does more than just guide the company’s Global Wellness vision and direction. With more than 20 years of Bio-Hacking and functional medicine experience, he is obsessed with the function and performance of the human body and finding innovative ways to help people achieve absolute peak function in their own bodies.

He works with a hand-picked clinical team of Board-Certified physicians (M.D.’s), PhD researcher’s, business leaders, functional medicine experts, motivators and scientists, with one relentless mission… uncover the safest and fastest way to optimize your mind, body and spirit through modern science.

Gary’s early career included work as a mortality-modeling expert in the insurance industry, using medical records and demographic data to predict mortality (how soon someone would die) to the month. Yes, to the month. Leaving this career deepened his interest in blood chemistry and the longevity-biomarkers found in human blood work and launched his obsessive and relentless pursuit of ways to improve and extend life by optimizing these bio-markers. Simply put, Gary began a world-wide search for the ultimate ways to optimize human life and stop the aging process.

As a former competitive tri-athlete and consultant, Gary has worked with everyone from CEO’s, to professional athletes from the UFC, NFL, Professional Boxing and entertainment industries, and now lives to bring you science-based, research backed tools to live your best life.

Educational Background:
BS Degree, Biology, Frostburg State University
BS Degree, Human Biology, National College of Chiropractic

IG: @GaryBrecka

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