Alison Rosen On This Life Podcast
"Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend" host joins in to talk about IVF and vaginal preservation concerns as an expecting mother. Midwife Elizabeth Bachner calls in to discuss cesarean vs. natural childbirth.

#244: Listener Phone Calls

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Drew talks to listeners on the phone about men watching porn, hair loss, and the long term effects of Tramadol. Follow the show on @DrDrewPodcast And for the music on today’s podcast, go to Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith All conversation and information exchanged during participation in the Dr. Drew Podcast

Hyperlipemia and Statin Therapy

Michelle Poe
Hyperlipemia or, high cholesterol/high triglycerides, affects millions of Americans, including at least one of the leading presidential candidates. The liver is primarily responsible for the body's production of cholesterol, and makes all you need, but it also comes from animal products, so dietary habits greatly affect cholesterol levels.