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Ep. 158 Erogenous Zones w/ Susan Pinsky | Dr. Drew After Dark


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We have everyone’s favorite Dr. Drew After Dark test joining us today, Susan Pinsky! We show Fedsmoker through the fence, Drew talks about how he got connected with YMH, and Drew asks Susan if she would still love him if he had a colostomy. Susan tests Drew on her erogenous zones, Drew reveals Susan banished him from using her bathroom, and we come to the realization that Drew and Susan demonstrate relationship goals! Nadav reveals a text from Susan and Drew dives deeper into Susan’s “two-a-days!” We run through some super cool clips of someone hanging out in a sewer with rats and a cool guy supplementing with curdled breast milk. We take some listener questions about female muscle tightness, fistulas, and busting white!


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