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#054: Doug Benson

Chris Laxamana
DOWNLOAD HERE Doug Benson joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about Doug’s comedy, their thoughts on marijuana and how being known as a ‘pot comic’ has impacted Doug’s career. They also a listener call about the difference between casual drinking and alcoholism. Watch ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled’ at Chill.com DougLovesMovies.com And for the music

#051: Simone Bienne

Chris Laxamana
Simone Bienne returns for her fourth appearance on the podcast for an in-depth conversation about codependency and a celebration of the penis in honor of National Masturbation Month. They also get an update from a caller they had previously helped and try to assist a recovering addict in making a decision about a new relationship.

Dr. Drew’s One Minute Clinic

Dr. Drew Pinsky provides expert commentary on everything from nutrition, exercise and medicine to mental well-being, One Minute Clinic is life in small doses. Board certified internist and media’s go-to doctor for life coaching, relationships, addiction and all things medical, Dr. Drew Pinsky is highly recognized from VH1, HLN, Hollywood and two decades of RADIO.

#050: Dr. Adi Jaffe and Dr. Marc Kern

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Adi Jaffe and Dr. Marc Kern join Drew for a discussion about addiction and the slightly different ways that they approach recovery and management of the disease. Later they take calls from listeners on opiate addiction, methamphetamine dependency turning to alcohol dependency and why the body has THC receptors.

#049: Darryl Shelly

Chris Laxamana
Darryl Shelly joins Drew to discuss his amazing story of overcoming extreme sex addiction and his bo 'The Hobbyist'. Later Drew and Darryl take listener phone calls on passive agressive spouses, recurring meth addiction and a question about the possibility of being addicted to a person.

#048: Amy Kramer

Chris Laxamana
Teen pregnancy expert and advocate Amy Kramer joins Drew for a podcast examining the causes and results of teen pregnancy and discuss how teen pregnancy issue has evolved over the years. Later Drew takes calls from listeners on the similarities between drug addiction and food addiction, how long to wait before dating after divorce and the best way to treat ADD while in recovery.

#047: Brody Stevens

Chris Laxamana
Brody Stevens joins Dr. Drew for a podcast about Brody's family history and how that has played a role in Brody's current mental condition. They also discuss Brody's comedy and discuss a recent manic episode that Brody and many of his followers experienced together.

#046: Stefanie Wilder Taylor

Chris Laxamana
DOWNLOAD HERE Drew is joined by fellow Carolla Digital family member Stefanie Wilder Taylor for an in-depth discussion of her history with addiction and her experience raising three young girls. Later, the discussion turns to Stefanie’s very successful career as an author and TV host and they take listener calls on impulse control. Sippy Cups