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#112: Jim Jefferies

Chris Laxamana
Comedian and Actor Jim Jefferies of the FXX series 'Legit' joins Dr. Drew for a second time to discuss the second season of his show and Drew's guest appearance. They also take a call from Drew's wife Susan who also appears on the show and they take listener phone calls as well.

#111: Erik Kramer and Tim Thayne

Chris Laxamana
Drew is joined by Erik Kramer and recovery professional Tim Thayne for a discussion about addiction and how family structure is a key component to helping young people successfully conquer their addictions. Erik also goes in depth talking about the tragic drug overdose and death of his teenage son.

#110: Lynette Carolla

Chris Laxamana
Lynette Carolla joins Dr. Drew this week to talk about her new Bruce Springsteen podcast '10th Avenue Podcast' and her relationship with Adam. They also take several listener phone calls including if you should tell your kids they were born via IVF, how to help a very close friend who is spiraling into alcoholism, and how to manage teenagers who are resenting their father as a result of his divorce from their mother.

#109: Jason Ellis

Chris Laxamana
Professional skateboarder and SiriusXM radio personality Jason Ellis joins Dr. Drew today to discuss his childhood, the state of his radio show and much . They're also joined by Jason's girlfriend Katie who helps to give some insight into Jason's relationship patterns as they ve deeper in to Jason.

#108: John Henson

Chris Laxamana
Comedian and host of ABC's 'Wipeout' John Henson joins Dr. Drew for a discussion about making it in the entertainment industry, having a very traditional father who wasn't supportive John's decision to work in entertainment and his time hosting Talk Soup. They also take listener calls.

#107: Ginger Gonzaga

Chris Laxamana
Actress Ginger Gonzaga joins Dr. Drew to talk about her upcoming ABC show 'Mixology' and her d experience with Drew working on the set of FXX's show 'Legit.' They also explore some of the racism and sexism in Ginger's life.

#106: Ray Oldhafer

Chris Laxamana
Carolla Digital family member Ray Oldhafer joins Drew today for a podcast discussing Ray's life both today and growing up with Adam. They also discuss Ray's most recent romantic relationship and how he's tried to grow and change as a result of that relationship ending. Later they take listener phone calls on how to handle grief and what the medical community thinks of Colorado's decision to legalize recreational marijuana sale and use.

#105: Areva Martin

Chris Laxamana
Areva Martin sits down with Drew for a new episode of the Dr Drew Podcast. Areva Martin is an award winning attorney, author, speaker and television personality. Drew opens the show with the path that's led Areva to create her charity foundation for kids with disabilities and autism. They then go on to discuss her and her husbands law firm Martin & Martin. Areva goes on to talk about her family and what it's like to have a child with diagnosed autism. They finish the show talking about how Areva began speaking publicly about children's autism and disabilities.

#104: Dr. Dan Siegel

Chris Laxamana
Drew is joined by UCLA based teen psychologist Dr. Dan Siegel for a deep conversation about teen development and how traumatic experiences can dramatically change the course of the development. They also take listener phone calls including from a caller in her 20's who wants to distinguish if her brother has ADD, ADHD or Bi-Polar disorder.

#103: Leeann Tweeden

Chris Laxamana
Leeann Tweeden joins Dr. Drew for a discussion about social media, the decision on whether to have children, and Leeann's struggle to have a child in the later stages of life. Leeann also dives into her family history and parenting.

#101: Bryan Bishop

Chris Laxamana
'Bald Bryan' Bishop from The Adam Carolla Show joins Dr. Drew for an in-depth conversation about his life and specifically his brain tumor and treatment. Bryan also details his upcoming bo 'Shrinkage: Manhood, Marriage, and the Tumor that tried to kill me.' Lastly, the pair answer some phone calls about anxiety issues and the connection between the mind and body.