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Tyrus Returns To #DoseOfDrDrew! Talking About History And Other Cool Stuff.


GEORGE MURDOCH AKA TYRUS from The Greg Gutfeld Show and Fox Nation! Find him @PlanetTyrus on Twiitter

The chances are that most of us wouldn’t consider a physical altercation a welcome experience, let alone an asset to our career. However, most of us do not have the mentality or stature of George Murdoch. A 6′ 8″, 350 pound behemoth, Murdoch is an affable, hardworking entertainer with a sly sense of humor. He also just so happens to be a professional wrestling superstar with a clear affinity for a good fight.
Murdoch experienced a rough and unpredictable childhood, bouncing around foster homes at an early age. His solace came in the form of sports. A gifted athlete who even as a kid enjoyed the spectacle of pro wrestling (“my brother and I had our own federation,” he recalls), it was football that was proved to be his initial calling. An obvious talent led him to pursue the game as a career, trying out for prestigious nationwide University teams. The NFL was still in his sights as Murdoch took up work as a security guard at several of the most prominent nightspots in Los Angeles.
Murdoch’s intimidating frame was inevitably useful in his new security profession, but even then there was a desire to be more. “I always did things with showmanship,” he notes, before adding, “It was almost like having our own wrestling shows at work.” One such “show” caught the attention of several bodyguards working for Hip-Hop icon, Snoop Dogg. Impressed by how Murdoch handled himself in a tense club confrontation, they requested that George join the superstar’s security team.
George began working for and traveling the globe with Snoop, while still holding down a position as club security whenever possible. Incredibly, just as one club- related spectacle had captured the attention of Snoop’s security detail, so did it secure the interest of the premier wrestling federation, WWE. George is still tickled by recounting the situation. “Two short guys got into a fight over a girl,” he chuckles. As he intervened to break up the ensuing fracas, they attempted to turn their aggression on Murdoch. “I physically threw them both out,” he explains, “and a WWE talent scout approached me and said, ‘You should be doing that on TV.'”
Shortly afterwards, Murdoch received the invitation to attend the WWE’s tryouts. Throwing himself into mental and physical preparation, Murdoch committed to losing 90 pounds and reaching peak physical performance. A three year developmental contract with the company spanned from 2006 to 2009, but yielded no breakout moment or TV appearances. Murdoch was ultimately released from that initial contract and returned to work for Snoop Dogg while contemplating his future.
A second, chance encounter with the WWE led to far greater results. When Snoop was booked as a guest announcer on the WWE’s hit series Monday Night

RAW, Murdoch was assigned to accompany him as part of the rapper’s security team. He was understandably concerned, as he voices the rhetorical question, “Who wants to return to the place they were fired from?” George needn’t have been anxious – seeing his interaction with Snoop and noting his physical progression, the WWE in fact opened their arms and welcomed him back with a new deal. After discussing with Snoop, George agreed to rejoin the wrestling enterprise and adopted the new stage name of Brodus Clay – a subtle show of respect to Tha Doggfather, whose real name is Calvin Broadus.
George’s funny, outspoken nature as Brodus Clay soon allowed him to shine on WWE programming, and his transition into WWE alias The Funkasaurus, a funky, good-spirited dancer, hugely expanded his scope. This persona resulted in George being publicly approached by a diverse range of fans, from shy children to their more enthusiastic parents. It also led to him starring in Mattel commercials and appearing in the WWE’s diverse range of video games.
Now, having expanded both his in-ring experience and prowess in front of the camera, George is looking to go further. “I’d love to play a character of substance in a movie,” he professes. It’s a realistic goal since the hulking Murdoch has already starred in the terse 2012 horror, No One Lives. Other ambitions include breaking out into comedy (Murdoch has already appeared as himself alongside Joel McHale on E! Entertainment’s The Soup), and working in theater. Given the kick Murdoch gets out of creating a spectacle, nothing seems impossible. If his history has indicated anything, it’s that closed doors will only result in George Murdoch beating them down.

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