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Health Advocate Eric Smith and Author Naomi Wolf Speak Out! #DoseOfDrDrew


Eric Smith went from being a high school dropout diagnosed with severe mental illness to becoming a nationally recognized mental health advocate, consultant, and public speaker. He credits assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) with saving his life.

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If people are wanting to contact Eric about assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) or advocacy pertaining to mental illness, they can email him directly at: [email protected]

Dr. Naomi Wolf is A Rhodes Scholar and former advisor to Clinton and Gore campaigns, and author of eight NYT nonfiction bestsellers. Her most recent books include the New York Times bestsellers Vagina, The End of America, and Give Me Liberty, in addition to the landmark bestseller The Beauty Myth.

Dr. Wolf has been targeted in a Twitter Ban, which resulted from the social media company claiming she was spreading false information and was anti-vaccine. Dr. Wolf counters that she is not anti-vaccine, but her company has been calling attention to the dangers of mandated “vaccine passports” — an important distinction. On Twitter, Dr. Wolf was at the forefront of reporting on Dr. Fauci’s links to gain-of-function research and the possible risks of heart inflammation in males 30-years-old and younger who received the COVID-19 vaccine. News sources reported she tweeted that the vaccine was a software platform that can receive uploads, compared White House adviser Anthony Fauci to “Satan” and tweeted that feces and urine of those who received the vaccine should be separated from society and that tests should be done to measure its impact on non-vaccinated people through drinking water. Wolf joins Dr. Drew to explain how these media claims have been used to distract and discredit her reputation, and to hold those in power accountable.

Let’s get the real story.

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