Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sues YouTube For Dubious “Medical Misinformation” Censorship: Attorney Viva Frei Discusses – Ask Dr. Drew

Attorney Viva Frei discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr's lawsuit against YouTube and how dubious "medical misinformation" labels are used to censor and suppress dissenting experts.

YouTube and Big Tech platforms continue to suppress experts and physicians who dissent from the CDC’s pandemic narrative, punishing channels under the guise of a “medical misinformation” policy. In response, 2024 Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a lawsuit against Google, demanding “a judicial declaration that YouTube’s medical misinformation policies are unconstitutional on their face.”

Attorney Viva Frei discusses the legality of YouTube’s policies, the suppression of discussion through demonetization, activist organizations like Media Matters and the Center For Countering Digital Hate (recently sued by X), and why important voices are moving to Rumble and Twitter.

David Freiheit AKA Viva Frei is an attorney and host of “Viva Frei” on Rumble and He also cohosts the legal podcast “Viva and Barnes Live” at Follow Viva Frei at and

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sues YouTube For Dubious “Medical Misinformation” Censorship: Attorney Viva Frei Discusses – Ask Dr. Drew


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