New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino: WEF Puppet or Secret Freedom Fighter? Jordan Schachtel on Twitter 2.0, Big Tech Censorship & Bilderberg Meetings – Ask Dr. Drew

Linda Yaccarino was named as the new CEO of Twitter. Did Elon Musk make the right choice? Jordan Schachtel discusses Twitter 2.0, big tech censorship, and the growing influence of the WEF.

Elon Musk recently announced Linda Yaccarino – an executive at NBCUniversal – as the new CEO of Twitter. But many users are concerned with Yaccarino’s past statements that appear to signal allegiance to the World Economic Forum and Blackrock agenda of a future where you “own nothing, and are happy.”

Did Elon make the right choice? Behind-the-scenes, could Yaccarino be a freedom fighter in secret? Jordan Schachtel discusses Twitter 2.0, and if Twitter is at risk of returning to its past censorship policies after it complied with an order from the Turkish government to take down posts during its election.

“With the hiring of Twitter’s new CEO, and the accommodating of government censorship requests, Twitter’s embrace of pragmatism over principle may lead it down the path into the welcoming arms of the BlackRock/WEF agenda,” warns Jordan Schachtel.

Jordan Schachtel is an independent investigative journalist and publisher of The Dossier on Substack at Follow him at

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New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino: WEF Puppet or Secret Freedom Fighter? Jordan Schachtel on Twitter 2.0, Big Tech Censorship & Bilderberg Meetings – Ask Dr. Drew

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