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Profile of an Addiction and Recovery Specialist: Sherry Gaba

Profile of an Addiction and Recovery Specialist: Sherry Gaba

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With over twenty years experience in the field of addiction and recovery, Sherry Gaba is an expert when it comes to helping people work through some of the most challenging times in their lives.  Trained as a licensed clinical social worker, Sherry works as a psychotherapist, life coach and certified recovery coach.  In addition to her thriving private practice, Sherry is also on staff at SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu, California, where she councils patients who are tackling chemical dependency addictions. 

Sherry is extremely dedicated to her work and helping people.  Over the last several years she has cultivated a successful career in media, with numerous appearances on radio and television, including several seasons of Celebrity Rehab, Sober House and Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction.  Using sensitivity, compassion and intuition, Sherry is able to create critical, life-altering connections with people who are in crisis.  She has treated virtually every type of addiction as well as issues related to co-dependency, abuse, trauma, divorce and parenting.

Sherry employs an arsenal of conventional and alternative approaches when dealing with patients of all ages, but also relies heavily on a modality that she developed in her book, The Law of Sobriety.  Hailed as a masterpiece by integrative medicine pioneer, Deepak Chopra, Gaba’s book provides a step-by-step action guide for addicts who wish to take control of their lives by attracting the positive energy that is essential to living a clean and sober existence.  Addicts learn how to shift focus from their destructive addictions to behaviors that align with sobriety.  She uses similar tactics in her work as a life coach.  By teaching clients how to take purposeful and meaningful steps towards a positive goal, she helps them to confront and overcome hurdles that may be preventing progress towards happy and successful futures.

One of Sherry’s passions is her work with Recovery Today magazine.  Billing itself as “a magazine that offers hope,” the monthly publication is a veritable clearinghouse of information and resources for anyone interested in addiction and the process of recovery.  Every issue features articles written by professionals who treat addiction as well as individuals who are going through (or who have successfully achieved) recovery.  It is available and free on-line at www.recoverytodaymagazine.com

Sherry joins Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest on this week’s episode of This Life podcast.  She and fellow guest, Shelly Sprague (also an alumna of Celebrity Rehab) re-unite to talk about their own experiences with recovery, co-dependency and addiction.           

Sherry uses a variety of media outlets to reach as many people as she can, including tele-seminars, workshops, blogs, media appearances and YouTube videos.  Check her out at sherrygaba.com

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