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This Life VS This Afterlife with Dr. Jena Kravitz & Melissa Cubillas

This Life VS This Afterlife with Dr. Jena Kravitz & Melissa Cubillas

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Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD and an evidential psychic medium Melissa Cubillas. Are people addicted to psychics? Dr. Jena explains. MC then sits down to read Ashley and Roger who are curious about the process.

Even though she knows it goes against all the scientific facts she believes in, THIS LIFE meets with licensed clinical neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD to talk about how people are addicted to psychic mediumship workers.  We are joined by  a certified evidential medium (woman who talks to the dead) , Mellisa Cubillas.  Bob Forrest is intrigued and approves of this process.

Dr. Kravitz’s clinical focus is in the areas of adult and geriatric neuropsychological and psychological assessment, brief psychotherapy, behavioral modification, memory and cognitive remediation training and brain fitness.c Even with these credentials, she is not against the use of a psychic medium, and discusses the reasons why it helps people and brings comfort to those in need of help.

Also known as MC, Mellisa Cubillas makes her debut on THIS LIFE to read a surprise guest and her boyfriend.   She has no idea with whom she will be addressing in this impromptu reading.  We try to understand her process and make our own assessment about her abilities.

If you feel you may need to get a personal reading with Melissa Cubillas, email her at [email protected] Mellisa MC Medium can also be found on Facebook Melissa has an upcoming workshop for those in the Maryland area on  November 4, 5, 6 in Annapolis, MD.  Check out her public gallery on November 6. Email her for details or go to her Facebook link. She will also be directing a workshop for spiritual development at Eventbrite and will present a public gallery for the general public as well. MC can also be found on a podcast/ radio show every week called “Evolving Soul With Melissa Cubillas”. This show is live every 3rd Thursday of the month and can be found here on iTunes.



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