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Urgent Public Service Message: Dr. Drew on Opioid Addiction

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Dr. Drew filmed a public service announcement addressing the effects of rampant opioid addiction that has already claimed the lives of countless people across the world. Watch the video below.

Amber Tozer On This Life Podcast!

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Comedy writer Amber Tozer stops by to discuss her journey and her memoir “Sober Stick Figure” with Dr. Drew and Bob!  Plus, film and music video producer Sharon Oreck makes a return appearance on the show! LISTEN NOW Amber Tozer is the author of Sober Stick Figure and has written for the Cartoon Network’s animated

Mark and Kurtis from The Addicts Comedy Tour!

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Mark Lundholm and Kurtis Matthews of The Addicts Comedy Tour join Dr. Drew and Bob for a discussion of, well, addiction and comedy! LISTEN NOW National headlining and top grossing recovery comedians Mark Lundholm (Broadway), and Kurtis Matthews (BBC1, VH1) team up to funny, poignant stories about recovery and overcoming life challenges as comedians

Kevin & Bean: Dr. Drew Discusses Singing National Anthem At Dodger Stadium

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Dr. Drew joined Kevin & Bean on KROQ to discuss what it was like singing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium and his new role in the Heal app! Listen to the clip below:

Dr. Drew Discusses Role In New “Heal” App

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Dr. Drew joins Heal, the app for on-demand doctor house calls, to help advance its mission to provide all Americans with access to high-quality medical care. On KTLA Morning News, Dr. Drew talks to Sam Rubin about his appointment to Heal’s Board of Advisors. In his new role, Dr. Drew will advise on Heal’s patient

Dr. Drew Responds To Conrad Murray On Inside Edition

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In this week’s Inside Edition Exclusive, Conrad Murray says that Prince is to blame for his own death. He is particularly upset with Dr. Drew and says he is wrong about comparing him to Price’s doctor and that Dr. Drew is drawing the wrong conclusions. Dr. Drew tells Lisa Guerrero the comparison is legitimate. Click here

I want to break up with my girlfriend but I’m afraid she will commit suicide. What should I do? [Ask Dr. Drew]

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I want to break up with my girlfriend but I’m afraid she will commit suicide. What should I do? Dr. Drew answers your questions!

Dr. Drew Sings The National Anthem!

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Dr. Drew takes the mic before a Dodgers game… and you won’t believe what his voice sounds like!

Dr. Drew Sings The National Anthem at Dodger Stadium

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Dr. Drew is BACK behind yet another new mic singing our National Anthem at the L.A. Dodgers game tonight, May 15th, 2016. If you recall, he recently performed the Star Spangled Banner at an L.A. Kings game (click here to watch). The home team won that game – stay tuned to see if Drew’s golden voice

“A Grave Medical Emergency” – Dr. Drew Discusses Prince

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The night before Prince was found, his reps say a doctor was called for a “grave medical emergency.” Dr. Drew discusses on HLN – watch Mon-Thurs at 7PM ET.

Emily Morse On This Life Podcast!

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Emily Morse, Dr. of Human Sexuality, host of the Sex with Emily Podcast, and long-time guest co-host on Love joins Dr. Drew and Bob to discuss, what else…  Sex! Listen Now on iTunes

Loveline And The Adam & Dr. Drew Podcast

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  After nearly 30 years Dr. Drew Pinsky announced today that he is leaving his nationally syndicated radio show Love and will expand his digital presence with the expansion of the Adam & Dr. Drew Podcast to 5 days a week. “I am not leaving radio,” said Dr. Drew. “The Love brand is still strong

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