Kevin Bass – Kicked From Med School After Resisting Mandates – Discusses DEI, “Woke Medicine” & Loss of Ethical Norms w/ Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew

Kevin Bass joins Dr. Kelly Victory to discuss DEI, "Woke Medicine" and the loss of ethical norms in the medical field.

Kevin Bass PhD was suspended by his medical school after his Tucker Carlson interview and a public apology for being “wrong about lockdowns and mandates.” He joins Dr. Kelly Victory to discuss DEI, “Woke Medicine” and the loss of ethical norms in the medical field.

The medical student says he was harassed by his own school with “wanted-style fliers everywhere in the medical education building, which were circulated among the student body, stigmatizing me and my family.”

“There was no hearing. No presentation of evidence. No cross-examination of witnesses. No credible appeal process,” says Kevin Bass. He describes himself as a “former Branch Covidian, now Team Reality.”

Kevin Bass has bachelor degrees in medical anthropology and biology from UT Austin, a master’s degree in immunology, and is currently an MD / PhD student. After a “bad brush” with modern medicine when he was a child, Kevin Bass decided to change the practice of medicine from the inside by becoming a physician himself.

“Only a serious commitment to science itself is sufficient, and even that too will likely fail someday,” says Bass. “If only we could adopt the proper lifestyle, nutrition, and food system, we could prevent many diseases and solve many of modern society’s problems.”

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Kevin Bass – Kicked From Med School After Resisting Mandates – Discusses DEI, “Woke Medicine” & Loss of Ethical Norms w/ Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew

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