Doug Stanhope vs. Dr. Drew in 2024: “Don’t Even Bother” Rehashing Old Feud Between Us – Ask Dr. Drew

"This might be the most vulgar and disgusting piece of literature I've ever had the pleasure of reading," says a 5-star review of comedian Doug Stanhope's book.

Over a decade ago, comedian Doug Stanhope had a lot to say about Dr. Drew. “Just hearing his name, bile comes out of me,” Stanhope joked in an early 2010s comedy show. “Dr. Drew is to medicine what David Blaine is to science.”

But in the years since, Stanhope and Drew reunited as friends – and Dr. Drew even wrote a foreword for Stanhope’s memoir.

“If anyone’s trying to rehash any old animosity that I put out into the world between us…” Doug says today, “don’t even bother. We’ve already covered it a million times.”

“In fact, Amanda Knox has a podcast series called Labyrinths coming up,” continues Stanhope, “and I’m doing her podcast and you are the subject, you and I and our relationship.”

“This might be the most vulgar and disgusting piece of literature I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading,” says a 5-star review of Doug Stanhope’s book. Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, author, and podcaster. He ran for President of the United States as a Libertarian in the 2008 election. Follow him at

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Doug Stanhope vs. Dr. Drew in 2024: “Don’t Even Bother” Rehashing Old Feud Between Us – Ask Dr. Drew


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