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Russell Brand Speaks RECOVERY On This Life #YouLive


Russell Brand joins Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest before he quickly rushed off to a fantastic interview with Bill Maher. He and Drew then had a Live Talk LA there after on Oct 6. Listen on drdrew.com in podcast form or download on iTunes or Podbean.

Russell Brand spreads his word in this interview on @thislifepodcast “Radio Show” with board bertified addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky and rehab specialist Bob Forrest today to talk about Russel Brand’s book, RECOVERY: Freedom From Our Addictions. They start out with discussing the 12 Step program and how its vilified and recently bashed on Twitter by Joe Rogan after Russell’s recent interview. Russell falls in love with our “Muppet Co-host” Bob Forrest who sits comfortably at home on his couch during the interview.

According to Russell, after 14 and a half years in sobriety, he describes life as “an age of addiction. Obvious addictions like drugs and alcohol, right through to socially acceptable chemicals such as caffeine and, all the way to invisible and often endorsed addictions like work, stress, bad relationships, and digital media.” He makes us think about how we can use the 12 Steps and break free of our addictive history.

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