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Dr. Drew Receives 2017 Podcast Movement Award!

Dr. Drew Receives 2017 Podcast Movement Award!


Dr. Drew and The Dr. Drew Podcast producers Gary Smith, Chris Laxamana, and Matt Fondiler received a 2017 Podcast Movement Award in the HEALTH AND FITNESS category!

The Dr. Drew Podcast won an award! Gary and Chris are here!

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About the award-winning episode

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This special episode #205 of the Dr. Drew Podcast was submitted for the award by Podcast One, and is a favorite of Dr. Drew’s.  At the top of the show, Dr. Drew chats with Bobcat Goldthwait about his persona throughout the 80s, and how he met his friend, comedian Barry Crimmins.  The guys then discuss why your career should be evolutionary, and why Bobcat has Jimmy Kimmel to thank for his latest iteration.  Later in the podcast, they talk about how surprised Bobcat was to find that his new documentary about Barry, ‘Call Me Lucky‘, has impacted it’s audience.  Then an emotional Bobcat Goldthwait discuss Bobcat’s close friend Robin Williams, and his painful Lewy Body Dementia disease that pushed him to suicide.  Our condolences go out to Robin’s family and friends, his fans.  We appreciated the candid interview with Mr. Goldthwait and hope you can hear this show.

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