#219: Alexandra Katehakis

Chris Laxamana
Alex Katehakis is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist in Los Angeles. She talks to Dr. Drew about sexual perversions/addictions as well as the influence of porn in today’s society. For with Alexandra, visit CenterForHealthySex.com Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith All conversation and information exchanged during

#218: Dr. James Fallon

Chris Laxamana
Professor and Author Dr. James Fallon joins Dr. Drew this week for a podcast focusing on Dr. Fallon’s ares of expertiese which include Psychiatry, Human Behavior, Anatomy and Neurobiology. Find his bo, The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain on by clicking here, and support the podcast.

Mackenzie Phillips on This Life Podcast!

Mackenzie Phillips s her inspirational stories of sobriety as well as her constant struggles over the years after Celebrity Rehab. She also brings a surprising announcement about her new career opportunities in serving the needs of addicted clients. Dr. Drew and Bob answer callers' es.

#217: Cali Estes Ph.D

Chris Laxamana
Addiction specialist Cali Estes joins Dr. Drew to talk about her work with high profile people in managing and overcoming their addictions. Dr. Estes tell’s Drew about the personal one on one style of treatment she employs as well as opening up about her own past with food addiction. They also talk about addiction in

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