Ray Oldhafer On This Life Podcast!

Ray Oldhafer, co-host of the “Ace On The House” podcast joins This Life Podcast to talk about growing up with Adam Carolla. LISTEN NOW Outro Music “California” by Fabrizio And The Fever from the album Nunchuck Fury, available on iTunes. Like This Life Podcast on !

#230: Dr. Erin Foster

Chris Laxamana
Relationship therapist Dr. Erin Foster joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about maintaining healthy relationships and the work that goes into that endeavor. They also speak about Erin’s past and get into the sometime scary experiences from her early life. Follow the show on @DrDrewPodcast And for the music on today’s podcast, go to

Dr. Bruce Heischober On This Life Podcast

Dr. Bruce Heischober follows up on “This Life” to relate his experience in the ER after the San Bernardino shooting in light of another US terror attack in Florida. Dr. Drew and Bruce talk seriously about Prince’s death, debate Suboxone and opioid addiction with Bob while driving in from an AA meeting.   Podbean.com  Itunes   Podbayfm.com  Libsyn.com Outro

#229: Listener Phone Calls

Chris Laxamana
Dr. Drew addresses the tragic shooting in Orlando before answering listener phone calls about using Phentermine for weight control, what do do with an abusive daughter, and how to handle a possible beer allergy. Follow the show on @DrDrewPodcast And for the music on today’s podcast, go to http://drdrew.com/music Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary

#228: Mike Mosberg

Chris Laxamana
Drew welcomes Mike Mosberg to the show this week to talk about his work in the addiction and recovery community. The show opens with Drew and Mike recounting the A-list holiday party at which they met and the craziness that went on that evening before transitioning into Mike’s work in the New York recovery scene.

Amber Tozer On This Life Podcast!

Comedy writer Amber Tozer stops by to discuss her journey and her memoir “Sober Stick Figure” with Dr. Drew and Bob!  Plus, film and music video producer Sharon Oreck makes a return appearance on the show! LISTEN NOW Amber Tozer is the author of Sober Stick Figure and has written for the Cartoon Network’s animated

#227: Phone Calls

Chris Laxamana
This week Dr. Drew opens the show taking listener phone calls and doesn’t stop. Drew helps out listeners including one who has a close friend who is spiraling out of control with binge drinking and another whose wife is struggling with symptoms that may be helped with the hormone replacement therapy that Drew has spen

Mark and Kurtis from The Addicts Comedy Tour!

Mark Lundholm and Kurtis Matthews of The Addicts Comedy Tour join Dr. Drew and Bob for a discussion of, well, addiction and comedy! LISTEN NOW National headlining and top grossing recovery comedians Mark Lundholm (Broadway), and Kurtis Matthews (BBC1, VH1) team up to funny, poignant stories about recovery and overcoming life challenges as comedians

#226: Phone Calls

Chris Laxamana
Drew opens to show talking to John and Danny from Pivot TV to talk about the upcoming second season of their show ‘Secret Lives of Americans’. Later, Drew turns to the phones to talk to callers about issues including how birth control pills differ from abortion pills, DNA testing to learn about your ancestry and