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Your Taint is Burning! | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 246


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This week Dr. Drew senses something in the air with the Booth Boys as they discuss the vibes around the studio and all the recent developments. There’s also sincere lesson to be learned about the value of dudes just being dudes when it comes to personal mental health. Dr. Drew also takes some calls and voicemails surrounding some heartbreak, production of white and red, a fantasy involving pee, and if having sex in the morning or night makes you last longer. Drew also addresses the topic of “retrograde ejaculation” and Enny has a question about some weird body sounds. They then wrap up the episode with more of Dr. Drew’s stories and sightings from Skankfest.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:49 – Weird Vibes In The House
00:09:19 – Aiden’s Heart Issues
00:15:58 – Drake’s Relationship Problems
00:25:52 – Dudes Being Dudes
00:31:53 – All Fours Fantasy
00:34:23 – Too Fast In The Morning
00:37:19 – Making Milk
00:43:01 – Nicole’s Water Consumption
00:49:35 – Stupid Weird Question
00:53:49 – Sore Throat Cures
00:56:00 – Made Red With A German
00:57:31 – Med TikTok
00:59:56 – Retrograde Ejaculation
01:03:52 – Skanfest Storytime

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