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Just The Tip w/ Chad Daniels | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 250


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This week Dr. Drew is joined by comedian Chad Daniels. Chad and Drew talk about growing up in Minnesota and his comedy special “Mixed Reactions”. We get some perspective on a sexy subject fellow comedian Kelsey Cook had previously brought to Drew and seeing as how Chad is Kelsey’s boyfriend, this leads to a back-and-forth about orgasmic function. Drew and Chad are next entertained by this week’s live calls, covering testosterone cream, broken collarbones, binge drinking, testicle lumps, and co-dependent parents. Drew also answers some voicemails and emails before he and Chad check out a medical TikTok featuring some colonoscopy farts! Try it out!

YouTube Chapters
00:00 – Intro
00:06:07 – Orgasmic Function
00:10:07 – Mixed Reviews
00:17:19 – Dominique’s T Cream
00:25:23 – Drug Loving Boyfriend Email
00:31:00 – ADHD
00:36:02 – Saul’s Collarbone
00:38:10 – Vanessa’s Parental Problem
00:45:34 – Penis Boil VM
00:52:56 – Alex’s Lump
00:56:50 – Girlfriend’s Feelings Email
01:03:02 – Medical Tok
01:04:35 – Amanda’s Weekend Binge

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