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Does My Therapist Like Me? w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 226


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This week Dr. Drew is answering questions from listeners, as well as questions from the booth. Roles reverse and Drew steps into Dr. Nadav’s office as he inquires about Dr. Drew’s diverticulitis. This week’s listener emails and live calls mostly seem to fit the theme of psychology and neurology, such as depersonalization, brain fog, and trichotillomania. Between questions, Dr. Drew talks to the Booth Boys about their experiences and inquiries regarding therapy and finding the right therapist. Dr. Drew pulls up an interesting medical TikTok showing a women who has been struck by lightning. To wrap up the episode, Dr. Drew gets to know YMH Cool Guys, David Gold and Blind Bob, a little better.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:47 – Paraplegic Sex
00:07:00 – Dr. Nadav
00:14:09 – Depersonalization
00:26:11 – Therapy
00:36:08 – Brain Fog
00:41:41 – Trichotillomania
00:49:30 – Back 2 the Booth
00:53:19 – Lightning Strike
00:55:41 – David Gold
01:00:32 – Blind Bob

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