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Disney Jail w/ Lauren Compton | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 212


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This week Dr. Drew is joined once again by Miss Lauren Compton! They get into some weird parts of the internet this week…think latex and Brown. Drew addresses some live calls regarding Adderall, dermatology, and mental health. Lauren shares her knowledge of subliminal messaging throughout Disney, which leads to a colorful story about how she lost her virginity. Lauren also gives Dr. Drew some insight into her religious upbringing as well as her time doing Playboy. They wrap up the episode with enlightening discussion on farts.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:44 – Latex Fetish
00:13:31 – Live Calls: Skin & Mental Health
00:20:46 – Disney Subliminal Messaging
00:26:10 – Lauren’s Virginity Story
00:34:29 – Religion
00:39:05 – Playboy & Lauren’s Dad
00:49:38 – Live Call: Anxiety & Sex
00:56:35 – Farts

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