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Catholic Contraception w/ Jen Fulwiler | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 249


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On this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark, author, comic, and mom of 6, Jen Fulwiler stops by to talk about self funding a comedy tour, the Texas comedy scene, making babies, her educational background, and her own contraception techniques. They also take a call from a woman with a climax concern and answer some voicemails about vaginas and potency. Before reading some medical question emails, Drew responds to some eye-popping medical TikToks and a few of Christina’s wonderful curations. Enjoy!

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:57 – Self Funded Comedy Tour
00:04:44 – Texas Comedy Scene
00:08:46 – Education & Contraception
00:14:22 – Making Babies
00:21:56 – All In On Comedy
00:29:56 – Embracing A Challenge
00:33:21 – Joanna’s Climax Concern
00:41:11 – Vaginal Voicemail
00:47:55 – Medical Videos
00:53:50 – Email Questions
00:58:08 – Christina’s Curations
00:59:46 – Another Vaginal Voicemail
01:01:22 – Potency Voicemail

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