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Why DIDN’T mRNA Vaccines Harm Me? Dr. Kelly Victory Responds To Ask Dr. Drew Producer Kaleb Nation


FULL EPISODE: • Kaleb Nation, a producer of Ask Dr. Drew ( ), received Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and boosters as recommended by his physician, due to his increased risk after recent surgeries and immunosuppressant medications for Crohn’s Disease. Despite his health issues, Kaleb experienced no adverse reactions to the vaccine. Though he caught COVID-19 almost a year later, his symptoms were mild with no respiratory issues. If so many healthier people and athletes are experiencing adverse reactions to the same shots, why didn’t anything similar happen to Kaleb and most of the millions of others who took the vaccines?

Amidst growing concern over adverse reactions, should governments and employers continue to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for everyone – regardless of individual risk? Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Kelly Victory discuss Dr. Drew’s vaccine reaction, the Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 injections, and shortcomings of government health mandates that interfere with the individualized care between a patient and their physician. As lifelong supporters of vaccinations for public health, the doctors fear that a bungled response to COVID-19 is worsening vaccine hesitancy and providing talking points to hardline anti-vaxxers across the world.

The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of severe illness. Hundreds of millions of people have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and serious adverse reactions are rare. You should always consult your personal physician before making any decisions about your health.

Dr. Kelly Victory MD is a board-certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She holds a BS from Duke University and her MD from the University of North Carolina. Follow her at

Ask Dr. Drew is produced by Kaleb Nation ( and Susan Pinsky ( This show is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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