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The Coverup: Millions Of Kids "Starved" as CDC Forced Healthy Into Lockdowns – Dr. Paul Alexander


“I was there,” Dr. Paul Alexander says of the frantic early-2020 response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The former science advisor to the HHS alleges that the media and CDC – in decisions motivated by politics – ignored data showing immense harm was being inflicted upon millions of kids by lockdowns and school closures. 「 FULL EPISODE:

“I challenge anyone listening to your show – any clinician, any scientist in any agency in America, across the world – bring us science…” continues Dr. Alexander. “All we did was we shifted the burden of morbidity and mortality from the affluent persons in society, “the laptop, Zoom class” … to the poor in society, the marginalized. Women suffered with lockdowns.”

But even worse, Dr. Alexander says, were the effects on children.

“Most children in America get their only meal in the school lunch program in schools. And when we close schools, the middle managers in CDC and NIH and FDA and in the government didn’t know that thousands, millions of American children starved – especially poor children, because they had no food.”

Dr. Paul Alexander was a scientific advisor to the HHS under the Trump administration but insists that his work is nonpartisan – criticizing the “lunatic policies” that he says were adopted by both Republican and Democrat leaders. Dr. Alexander is frequently maligned in the press as a Trump loyalist, despite the fact that he is Canadian.

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