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Ep. 196 Off The Market w/ Steve Hofstetter | Dr. Drew After Dark


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This week Dr. Drew is joined by comedian and author Steve Hofstetter. Steve opens up about his experience with an eating disorder, anxiety, and antidepressants. To Dr. Drew’s surprise, Steve tells a story of how Drew helped him worked through these things many years back. They also share their thoughts on Jews, antisemitism, and Kanye. It wouldn’t be After Dark without questions about sex and testicles full of off-the-wall metaphors that Drew barely understands. Drew and Steve finish off the episode with an introduction to a couple new Cool Guys.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro – About Steve
00:19:14 – Jews
00:28:21 – Questions for Drew
00:49:08 – Steve’s Heckler Owned
00:59:06 – TikToks
01:12:52 – Wrap Up

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