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Ep. 160 What Are You Laughing At? w/ Mike Catherwood | Dr. Drew After Dark


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It’s a special week of Dr. Drew After Dark, we have Drew’s old Love Line partner, Mike Catherwood joining us today! Mike catches us up on his new projects and also brings his pal Rudy to come by and say hi! We take some listener questions about going into public pools with mud butt, and we get stories from Drew and Mike about browning their pants. Mike discusses his recovery from drugs and some of the best celebrity comebacks from drug use that he’s personally witnessed like Travis Barker and Courtney Love. We get some listener questions about noisy farts, involuntary celibacy, children refusing to go to the bathroom, possible reasons a listeners beard is tinting red, and IUD’s. We get more questions about the pros and cons of a fist entering human cavities, if food can ever get into the lungs, and how hard you should push while blowing your nose.

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