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Ep. 150 My Man w/ Susan Pinsky | Dr. Drew After Dark


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We got a great episode of Dr. Drew After Dark this week with the wonderful first lady of love, Susan Pinsky! This episode is jam packed with mayhem and chaos: Susan dropped her purse into a storm drain on arrival tapping into Enny’s deepest fears and Nadav reveals some drunk New Years texts from Susan and we get some back door updates! We get some questions about rupturing lady parts, a lady who’s constant J-ing of her V getting in the way of her love life, and the Pinsky’s share their experience watching YMH Live 7. Susan shares her experience with her libido dipping and what she did to fix it and the Pinsky’s try to figure out their dinner/stripper plans with the Booth Boys and we show Susan a classic FedSmoker video. We wrap up with a batch of Christina P’s TikTok curations!

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