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Tyrus Is Back And Ready For Another #DoseOfDrDrew Via Drdrew.tv !


GEORGE MURDOCH a.k.a TYRUS Known for his weekly contribution on The Greg Gutfeld Show, Star of Fox Nation TYRUS show, Fox Nation’s UN-PC and the Tyrus and Timpf Podcast. Also, he has a new book out called “Just Tyrus: A Memoir” Hardcover – Comes out December 14, 2021. Presale available on AMAZON.


The chances are that most of us wouldn’t consider a physical altercation a welcome experience, let alone an asset to our career. However, most of us do not have the mentality or stature of George Murdoch. A 6′ 8″, 350 pound behemoth, Murdoch is an affable, hardworking entertainer with a sly sense of humor. He also just so happens to be a professional wrestling superstar with a clear affinity for a good fight

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