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Ep. 148 Don’t Call Me Daddy w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark


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Welcome everybody to another episode of Dr. Drew After Dark, with the booth boys! This week Drew immediately starts off reading fun email questions, such as “What would happen to Enny’s bowels if he died?”, “Why does my hearing sensitivity increase when I’m excited?”, and “Is white secreted from both balls, or just one?”. When the discussion leads to farts (as it always does), we learn that one of our booth boys “doesn’t do that stuff”. Can you guess which one? After that, it’s TikTok time, where Drew reviews road rage, “they/them/demon” pronouns, and Buddhist monks with giant weights hanging from their d’s. Enny weighs in with some personal experience on that last one. Drew then finishes off with a final batch of emails, including one from the original “Buhhole” girl!

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