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Ep. 144 Everybody’s Gonna Know w/ Susan Pinsky | Dr. Drew After Dark


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The First Lady of Love, Susan Pinsky, joins Dr. Drew and the Booth Boys this week on Dr. Drew After Dark! We open with some TikToks and Horrible or Hilarious and Susan brings the absolute best commentary. We try to figure out if Enny farts or not, and we recount a little more about the Booth Boys/After Dark dinner. We get a questions about having a hard time urinating after gaining mass, why some foods might make your meow smell different, or if men’s hormones can fluctuate like a woman’s. Susan and the boys plan their next outing, and it evolves into some truly enlightening discussions. We introduce Dr. Drew and Susan to Daddy Lalagon, and take some questions about man flavors, butt stuff, herpes, and why you need to go to the bathroom so bad when you get closer to home? And Susan gets into Enny’s perspectives on ghosts.


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