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Ep. 141 Comfortable With Rage w/ Christina P | Dr. Drew After Dark

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Today Christina P joins Dr. Drew again this week on Dr. Drew After Dark and she wants to get more medical this week! We get emails about losing consciousness during trauma, fungus growing on socks, and middle eastern dumps. Christina and Drew discuss traumatizing movies from their childhood, the new Sopranos movie, and What We Do In The Shadows. We get back into listener questions about inflamed tips, when bodies start falling apart, and Drew tries to get into Christina’s tendency to bust balls. Drew talks about how there’s certain patients that are able to suck a doctor’s energy away and gives an update on Celebrity Rehab patients. We get questions on what pushes what out of the body, the science behind squirting, where the white is actually stored in the body, and advice on intimacy problems in a marriage, which leads Enny to ask some follow up questions about intimacy. We wrap on “Cool Guy Wants To Eat Your Brown” to end on a light and happy note!

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