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Ep. 140 You Need Friction w/ Christina P | Dr. Drew After Dark


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It’s been a long time coming but Christina P is back as a guest on Dr. Drew After Dark! Drew catches Christine up on his love session with Enny last week, and Christinith catches Drew up on her Texas life! We get to listener questions about a guy’s big sloppy hangers, how to get more friction in the bedroom, and if peeners can have doppelgängers. We talk about the differences between men and women in the bedroom and take a voicemail about marijuana versus suboxone which leads to some interesting talks about Christina’s wild ankle recovery. We take a phone call with Drew’s wife Susan and get an update on some of that “life after 50” lifestyle! We take some more questions about curves in the peener and the effect of some foods on our farts! Then we take a look at a couple of really neat guys on TikTok!

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