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Historian Kenaz Filan – 01

Historian Kenaz Filan – 01


Opioids and the problems they cause are in the headlines daily, but this drug’s global impact actually began thousands of years ago. In the History Of Opium podcast, world-renowned addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky explores the substance’s true backstory, from its first known use in antiquity all the way up to the current crisis. This podcast contains new material from a wide variety of experts that was not included in the previously published articles.

Our first installment features excerpts from an interview with author Kenaz Filan, whose book The Power of the Poppy: Harnessing Nature’s Most Dangerous Ally chronicles some of the earliest uses of papaver somniferum, AKA the opium poppy.

This episode is sponsored by True Recovery. If you or someone you care for is dealing with addiction, you know that finding a treatment option that works for you can be extremely frustrating. The truth is, every patient’s needs are different and constantly evolving. Visit TrueRecovery.com for more.

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