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#YOULIVE 155 – Dr Drew is Outraged

#YOULIVE 155 – Dr Drew is Outraged


Dr. Drew’s anger about the current homeless crisis comes to a head as he demands accountability for the situation. Frustrated at watching his own predictions about a typhus outbreak come to pass, he addresses the epidemiology that connects mental illness and homelessness. He and Bob welcome 5th District Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles Mission CEO, Herb Smith and local activist, Rick Swinger, who offer their own opinions about how to solve this problem.

Los Angeles Mission and Anne Douglas Center For Women are hosting their 8th annual Legacy Of Vision gala on October 25th, and Honoring Dr. Drew.  You can support at http://www.LOV18.givesmart.com

This episode is sponsored by Genotox Labs Tox Protect and Hydralyte.

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