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Can I Have Sex During My Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

Can I Have Sex During My Third Trimester of Pregnancy?


Can you have sex during the third trimester of pregnancy?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. While orgasms and prostaglandins in semen can cause uterine contractions, they are not likely to trigger preterm labor. Sex during pregnancy is usually safe for women and not considered a major risk factor for her or the baby.

There are situations, however, that may require caution or abstinence during this period. If the mother has unexplained vaginal bleeding, leakage of amniotic fluid, a history of pre-term labor or is carrying multiples, she may be advised by her physician to abstain from sex. Placenta previa is a medical condition that may prohibit sexual activity. This is when the placenta is partially or completely blocking the cervix. While orgasm is safe, intercourse is not, as it may cause excessive bleeding and endanger the baby. Be sure to discuss your specific clinical situation with your obstetrician.

If your partner has an active sexually transmitted disease, all forms of sex should be avoided during pregnancy and condoms should be used if the relationship is not monogamous. Anal intercourse followed by vaginal intercourse presents the risk of introducing germs into the vagina, which can cause infection and be unsafe for the baby. Finally, blowing into the vagina during oral sex must be avoided. An air bubble may block a blood vessel and cause an air embolism, which can be life threatening for both the mother and the baby.

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