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Generation Adderall: Do We Have A Generation Addicted?

Generation Adderall: Do We Have A Generation Addicted?


On December 7, 2016, Dr. Oz and addiction specialist Dr. Drew hone in on the question we are all wondering: Have we raised a generation of Adderall addicts?

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Millions of Americans with ADHD have been taking Adderall for years and now are facing concerning consequences. Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew sat down with Allison Ruge, a recovering Adderall addict. Plus, we go undercover to investigate the Adderall black market. You won’t believe what we discovered.

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At her low point on Adderall, Allison Ruge says: “I hadn’t slept or eaten for about 3 weeks and I ended up in the hospital with a MRSA infection. The doctor said, you need to call someone to come be here with you. And I remember looking down at the phone and remember thinking there’s not one person who would pick up my phone call. I can still take myself back to that moment, and for me, that was rock bottom. It was almost an internal thing.”

What are the “Three Adderall Addiction Warning Signs”

1) Continued use despite negative consequences.

2) You or a relative have a history of addiction.

3) Using more than is prescribed by your doctor or obtained from multiple source

On why so many women need Adderall, Dr. Drew says: “They don’t need it but, we are asking so much of women to do all things and be perfect child bearing, work, sometimes single moms, it’s overwhelming and of course they go to their doctor just like Allison did they will get an Adderall prescription.”

Plus! How similar is Adderall to Crystal Meth? Tune in to find out!

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