Transgender In America: A Two-Night Event

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Join Dr. Drew, his guests, and an all-transgender studio audience as they share stories from the transgender community.

Watch the special two-night event on the new Dr. Drew on HLN:

Wednesday August 26 at 9PM ET

Thursday August 27 at 9PM ET

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Carmen Electra: Watch The Episode From 2000!

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Carmen Electra was on Dr. Drew’s show in 2000 to promote her new movie… you’ll never guess which blockbuster classic it was!

Watch the FULL episode for free at

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Kim Richards’ Arrested For Shoplifting

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Dr. Drew speaks on Kim Richards’ recent arrest.

Why do you think celebrities shoplift?

Dr. Drew airs Mon-Thurs at 9PM ET on HLN.

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Setting The Record Straight

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Setting the record straight: Dr. Drew is not perfect.

“I did drugs and alcohol when I was 22-23 years old.”

Watch more Dr. Drew Monday – Thursday at 9PM ET on HLN.

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Teen Mom OG Reunion: Sneak Peek!

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Part 1 of the Teen Mom: OG reunion special airs TONIGHT on MTV… and Dr. Drew is asking the questions!

From the preview on

Matt reveals to Dr. Drew that his kids live with their mother as he was suffering from a pill addiction when he split up with her.

“Do you have a sponsor?” Dr. Drew asks. “I do, but I haven’t spoken to my sponsor. Probably because I thought I didn’t need to, but I ...

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“By any medium necessary, Dr. Drew, celebrity M.D., treats America’s ailments”

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“… a biopsy revealed a low-grade tumor that required surgery, which was performed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Although Pinsky’s recovery took months, he only missed one or two weeks of “Loveline,” then broadcast from his home, while also taking patient calls and working on a book.”

Read more in Jewish Journal​’s new interview with Dr. Drew. 

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From Prostate Cancer To Helping Patients In A New Way

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“Prostate cancer was my lemon. Helping my patients from a new personal perspective was my lemonade. I am not one of those patients who feels that having had cancer is a gift. I am not going to kid you, it sucks. BUT, it has given me the opportunity to help in ways I had not been able to in the past.”

– From Dr. Drew’s article “From Prostate Cancer To Helping Patients In A New Way.” Read more at’s mission ...

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