Mark Linsenmayer joins the show and he and Drew discuss Mark’s obsession with music as well as going very deep on Mark’s deep love of philosophy and much more.


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Listen to the series of interviews Dr. Drew had on The Partially Examined Life.


Episode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part One)

Radio legend and PEL fan Dr. Drew Pinsky introduces us to some psychology papers on the theory of mind and the establishment of the sense of self:



Episode 172: Mind, Self, and Affect with Guest Dr. Drew (Part Two)

Fonagy claims we gain the ability to emotionally self-regulate as a result of achieving secure attachment with a caregiver as infants. Schore claims that if this fails, we can end up fundamentally disengaged. So what are the philosophical implications here? What about the clinical implications? We talk shame, experience machines (the matrix), psychic equivalence (not distinguishing between what you know and what you know that someone else doesn’t know), and love as the potential answer (though not usually).

End song: “Anything but Love” by Steve Hackett, as featured on Nakedly Examined Music #45.

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