Drew is joined by former NDMDA director and patient advocacy expert Lydia Lewis to discuss mental illness and take calls.

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith

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  1. Scott

    February 20, 2013

    Great podcast. Very useful. It would be interested in hearing about different ways people deal with mental health issues not related to medication on the podcast. What life changes do they make? What new habits have people found works for them? Things like sleep habits, light (or no light) therapy, vitamins, support network of friends, exercise, stress reducers, or who knows… barking at the moon. Does treating the root cause can help reduce the symptoms?

  2. kevin

    March 7, 2013

    Really enjoyed the talk about trying to destygmatize mental health issues which was interupted by the call from Jake who described his stay in the looney bin. funny. I also truly enjoy all the call from the women who need advice on how to deal with their bipolar heroin addict boyfriends. Where did they find gems like that and does that dude have a twin sister?

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