Capsadyn Pain Relief
Get pain relief with the power of capsaicin from chili peppers – without the burning! Capsadyn’s proprietary formulation for joint & muscle pain contains no NSAIDs, opioids, anesthetics, or steroids. Try it for 15% off at
15% Off

CAPSADYN is made with a proprietary formulation that contains no NSAIDs, opioids, anesthetics, or steroids, which means there is ZERO chance for addiction and it won’t interact with other drugs you may be taking.

Capsadyn contains CAPSAICIN, which is the substance in chili peppers that burns your tongue. I’ve recommended capsaicin creams to patients for years, but other capsaicin creams can burn your skin. That’s what makes CAPSADYN so unique: in clinical trials, Capsadyn has actually been demonstrated not to burn.

Get the pain relief you need from arthritis, backaches, sprains, bruises, and strains. Order now at to get a 15% discount plus free shipping.


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