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Shocking Jason Nash | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 231

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This week Dr. Drew is joined by comedian and entertainer, Jason Nash. Before learning a bit about Jason, Drew and Jason play a fun little guessing game. Drew amuses Jason as he progressively starts to unravel because he can’t seem to remember anything for a solid eight minutes. They jump into some live calls and email questions. This week Jason and Drew answer many questions about mental health from depression to therapy and Munchausen’s syndrome. They get down to the nitty gritty and answer the ultimate question, “To be a better person, you need to put in ‘the work’. What is ‘the work’?” To wrap up the episode, the Booth Boys shock Jason and Drew with some throwback YMH Cool Guys videos.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:34 – Daytime TV
00:12:54 – Jason Nash
00:22:10 – Mental Health
00:28:54 – Testosterone
00:34:23 – Munchausen by Proxy
00:39:30 – The Work
00:47:13 – Online Dating
00:52:07 – Cool Guy Vids

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