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Sexual Fantasies w/ Tone Bell | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 235

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This week Dr. Drew is joined by actor and comedian, Tone Bell. Before jumping into medical questions, Dr. Drew gets to know Tone a little bit. When Dr. Drew inquired about Tone’s upbringing, Dr. Drew learns about the gem of Atlanta that is Magic City Strip Club. Dr. Drew and Tone address an array of medical questions: skin, a lot of brown, sexuality, and bodily fluids. Drew and Tone call for a few palate cleansers from Christina’s curation of TikToks. Let’s just say these TikToks never fail to entertain.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro / About Tone Bell
00:10:17 – Weird Skin Things
00:15:17 – Brown Questions
00:24:22 – Pee Hole
00:27:42 – Experimenting Sexually
00:36:53 – TikToks
00:47:27 – Bodily Fluids
00:54:04 – Kevin Samuels
01:00:52 – More TikToks

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