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Colostomy Chaos w/ Kat Timpf | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 237


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Wedding bells and bowel bags! On this week’s episode, Kat Timpf joins Dr. Drew to share a rather disastrous wedding story and her experience with an explosive bowel issue. Ever wonder what it’s like to make love while wearing a colostomy bag? Well, Kat has the insight. They also discuss the hijacking of her website, the problem with today’s politics, and their love of Teen Mom. Finally, Nadav curated some pretty crazy videos for Drew this week. Hope he likes them.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:59 – Drew’s Phone Problem
00:02:47 – Kat’s Bowel Problem
00:13:45 – The Malaysian Problem
00:18:36 – The Wedding Problem
00:23:49 – The Problem With Politics
00:26:45 – Callers With Problems
00:36:45 – A Weird Sneezing Problem
00:38:29 – Problematic Videos
00:45:51 – Is This A Problem?
00:48:55 – No Problems, Just Bragging
00:52:10 – Teen Moms Have Major Problems
00:54:34 – The Problem With Religion
00:59:13 – Nadav’s Favorite Problems
01:02:44 – Solving Problems Takes Time

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