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Trauma Bonding w/ Jamie Kilstein | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 199


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Dr. Drew is joined by comedian, Jamie Kilstein, who sits down to talk about his new podcast, Advice Not Taken, and his experience with mental health, childhood trauma, and what a healthy relationship looks like. Jamie chats with Dr. Drew about his struggles during the pandemic, reeling in addiction, and how crazy politics are right now. He opens up about his dating life in Austin and his valiant attempts to break the cycle of trauma bonding. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Dr. Drew After Dark without a few voice messages and emails about farting, weed, sex, and other amusing questions from our viewers.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:10 – Multi-Orgasmic Women
00:03:37 – Mental Health During the Pandemic
00:09:10 – Childhood Trauma
00:13:12 – Attraction and Trauma Bonding
00:19:14 – Dating and Codependence
00:24:17 – Politics
00:29:49 – Voices Messages
00:43:52 – Emails
00:47:36 – Video Games and Addiction
00:51:20 – TikToks
00:57:34 – Where Are We Going As A Country?

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