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The Feeling Of Home w/ Duncan Trussell | Dr. Drew After Dark Ep. 198


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This week Dr. Drew is joined by comedian, tv writer, podcaster…he’s a man of many talents: Duncan Trussell! Drew and Duncan discuss what it means to create the feeling of “home” within relationships, places, and yourself. This philosophical conversation leads them to dig into the creative process of writing Duncan’s animated series Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Dr. Drew gets some fun questions about hallucinations, extra testicles, and the laugh-orgasm connection. They wrap up with some introductions to some new Cool Guys.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:29 – About Duncan and Midnight Gospel
00:13:50 – Feeling of Home
00:23:22 – Creating Midnight Gospel
00:34:51 – Ask Dr. Drew
00:49:02 – Cool Guys
01:07:39 – Ask Dr. Drew: Methadone

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