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Ep. 172 I Have A “Friend” w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark

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It’s another week of Dr. Drew After Dark and dive deep into your emails and voicemails about sex and relationships! Drew answers questions on why volume of ejaculate changes based on the situation, why labias differ in color, and if it’s realistic to be anatomically correct during dirty talk. We take more questions about vomiting during sex, Zollo has a question about testicle sensitivity, and we dig into Nadav’s love life. We take more questions about libido incompatibility, if guys need head, and binge drinking water causing the body to sweat. Drew reviews a really upsetting curation of TikToks from Christina. We then take some substance related questions about getting blackout drunk, long term partying, and wet dreams tied to anti-depressants.

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