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Charlotte Laws Confronts Hunter Moore ("The Most Hated Man On The Internet") on Dr. Drew in 2012


WATCH LIVE ON AUG 16: • In 2012, after selling his revenge website, Hunter Moore appeared on HLN’s Dr. Drew show. Charlotte Laws – the mother of one of his victims – was a surprise guest. On 8/16/22 at 3pm PT, Charlotte Laws reunites with Dr. Drew LIVE to discuss the aftermath of the events in Netflix’s explosive docuseries “The Most Hated Man On The Internet” and to reveal what’s happened in the 10 years since her appearance on Dr. Drew’s HLN TV show that helped expose Hunter Moore’s crimes to the world.

After a topless photo of her daughter was hacked and posted on a revenge porn website, Dr. Charlotte Laws worked tirelessly for two years to bring the website owner (Hunter Moore) to justice. He eventually went to prison, and her years-long campaign against revenge porn and “doxxing” is highlighted in the hit Netflix docuseries “The Most Hated Man On The Internet.”

In episode 2, the series features a clip of Hunter Moore’s appearance on my HLN show from 10 years ago, when Charlotte exposed Hunter’s crimes to the world in a shocking scene of real-life TV justice. Her mission continues to this day: she’s helped over 500 other victims of sextortion and has assisted legislators in passing anti-revenge porn laws across the country.

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