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Ep. 143 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark


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We have another installment of Dr. Drew After Dark with the #BoothBoys! We start off with some of Nadav’s questions about suspicious moles on the body. Then Enny wonders if his hate of sleep is objectively weird, and how he can try to bring down the amount of time he J’s his D in one day. We also revisit the topics discussed in the Booth Boy dinner like back door stuff and burner phones. We then take fan questions about female libido, bleeding sacks, what the long-term effects of Taco Bell every day are, and what soreness after marital loves could mean. We watch some particularly manic TikToks from mommy Christina’s curations which leads to horror when we see some jazz toes. We then answer some more listener questions about ladies who have trouble with O’s after child birth and accidentally sounding with sutures! We wrap up with more questions about drinking, smoking, enjoying bedroom activities more, peeing too much, and weird dreams.

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